“1 Girl, 2 Guys, 3 Chords… Blood, Sweat & Feedback”
that was the motto of Blister, a three piece rock band that wrote simple songs, and played them loud, fast and bloodied with passion. That simple motto stood for nearly 2 decades. But nothing lasts forever, eventually time runs out. And that’s what began happening to Blister when bassist, Natasha Fatale, became ill. Initially doctors gave her 3 days to live, but they underestimated her stubborn nature and relentless will. Blister had a handful of new songs and she had every intention of recording them. So that’s what happened, as soon as she was well enough to strap on her bass, recording an album became Blister’s main focus. Natasha lived almost 3 years longer than they thought she would. Long enough to squeeze in a few more gigs, write a few more songs and lay down 19 final tracks. But unfortunately, not long enough to hear the finished product. The truth is, as soon as she knew her bass parts were done, she simply relaxed and she was gone. A bitter pill for the band, but there was never any doubt about what would happen next. It was Larry & Dave’s turn to suck it up, gut it out and finish the album. It wasn’t easy, it absolutely wasn’t pretty, but over a year and a half worth of meticulous obsession over lyrics, guitars, vocals and everything else later and here it is. 19 songs, almost 60 minutes of music, almost 20 years of love, joy, struggle, friendship, memories and shared dreams, all frozen in time together on one last album. 1 Girl, 2 Guys, 3 Chords… Blister will never be that again, but the blood, the sweat & the feedback… that’s all here in every second of every song. on their new album, No Good Deeds.