No Good Deeds

Our new album No Good Deeds is almost done… I’m guessing we’re a tweak or two away from sending it to Post Pro to be mastered. As expected it took Larry & I forever to mix, but for the most part I think we both enjoyed the process, at least I did.

When we first started recording, No Good Deeds, we all knew it would probably be the last album we made together.

After being in the same band with the same people for the better part of 2 decades that’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially when you continue to work well together as a band and as friends. Anyway, I just wanted to get it done as fast as possible. I was even in favor of paying someone else to mix it… that’d be quicker & maybe we could have squeezed in a few more gigs, that would have been nice. But mostly I wanted to get it done so Natasha could hear it. I mean the truth is physically she was struggling just to deal with the basic routine of life. But there she was strapping on Boris, that gigantic Gibson Thunderbird, that weighed almost as much as she did, putting everything she had into it. She couldn’t play as long or as often as she used to, but as soon as she thought she could, Larry would fire up the system & she would have at it. Per Larry that usually happened around 1am, but at least it was happening. Unfortunately, she never got a chance to hear it, a few days after she finished recording her bass tracks she finally relaxed… and that was it, she was gone. So, that was that and there was no reason in the world to hurry up & get it done. In fact, the weight of it stopped us cold in our tracks. Now it was, I don’t think this guitar part fits, this song needs more lyrics, this guitar track sounds too distorted, these lyrics suck, this solo blows… I was overwhelmed by the responsibility I felt to get this right & make it worthy of the effort Natasha poured into it. Eventually things started moving forward again, vocals were recorded, then some guitar stuff was rewritten & re-recorded, but for the most part sanity returned and things were left as they were. Next of course came several months of mixing, obsessively adding sound FX one day only to remove them or at least turn them way down the next. It was fun though… Larry & I needed a project and that’s what we turned it into. And now I think we finally have what we were shooting for, a bunch of songs that sound like blister doing what blister does. It’s not perfect, but it’s us… a proper collection of bare knuckle rock-n-roll. And I’m happy with that, Larry’s happy with that & I’ve got to believe the girl would be happy with it too. Tracks up soon… stay tuned.