And my, what a year it is already shaping up to be! We return after a brief hiatus ready for 2020. Now we look to de-stressing and detoxing from the the current social climate. We vow to eat better, exercise more, floss more (okay, that’s just me), recycle more, focus better and really look towards a fresh start. These are all great and wonderful ideas and I hope we do all of these things but the pressure to follow through can be overwhelming. Its really quite the analogy for VegSoul. We hope to show others that its about the little things, doing WHAT you can, no matter how small is sometimes the difference needed to put change in motion. You do not need to go vegan tomorrow, but being mindful of what you eat is an AMAZING start. You do not need to go to the gym 5 times a week but start by walking the dog a little more. Its shocking what evolves from small steps made on a daily basis. You don’t have to throw out all your leather shoes and wear ONLY organic cotton, but paying attention to where your choices come from is just one of many starts we can make this year. We aren’t a judgmental publication here but we do like to encourage readers with information and ideas to make life a little greener for you and more so, for all of us. We wish all of you much love and success in the new year and please let us know if there is anything we can help address or research. Upcoming this year we will be showcasing some pretty spectacular individuals in our area you really should know about and the really interesting things they are doing to “keep the scene green”. We hope to focus on more direct interviews, continue to promote some lesser known local companies and touch on topics that truly affect us all.



From women who have established themselves firmly in the international vegan community through innovative goods and services to amazing recipes, this is really great book for men and women alike. This really interesting read from award winning author, Melisser Elliot< gives tips on [...]

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