An interesting idea of this book is that it offers a weekly breakdown of truly “meatless Mondays” that are even seasonaly based.I do have to add that this may be one of my newest favorite book additions, even though it is not actually vegan, per se, it is purely vegetarian with surprise recipes from noted vegetarians such as Woody Harrelsons Broccoli Bisque and Paul McCartneys Bean Tacos. Its been difficult to sway me from Bryant Terrys tasty works but these recipes are completely feasible, easy for beginners, and interesting enough to compel you give them a try. The end results are really quite good. my favorite thus far is the Tomato Feta &Almond Baklava which is an unusual and yet incredible take on a typically sweet dessert. I was a bit disappointed in the Cranberry and Apricot Oat bars but my standards on fruit and grain bars are rather high 

 This book was assembled by the “Meat Free Monday Campaign 8” brought together by Paul McCartneys family and the recipes are distinctly European in their initial flavors but will absolutely appeal to Western tastebuds. The Campaigns main idea is to prove how going veggie just one day a week can effect your health and enviroment in the most postive of ways. This book is not only beautifully bound and presented but serves a beautiful cause as well. To those new to a greener lifestyle and way of eating, this is a great start to a better life.