From women who have established themselves firmly in the international vegan community through innovative goods and services to amazing recipes, this is really great book for men and women alike. This really interesting read from award winning author, Melisser Elliot< gives tips on cruelty-free crafts, to beauty secrets, to sharing hilarious stories these vegan ladies have experienced. Thorough explanations of different variations of the vegan lifestyle to answering pesky inquires vegans get on a regular basis. It is no surprise ( to me, at least) that the recipes from these wonderful ladies have become some of my very favorites. The almond-lime bundt cake with key-lime rosemary icing may be my newest summer addiction and the portobello bahn mi sandwiches are truly scrumptious. This book is easy, informative, interesting and a wonderful celebration of some pretty incredible women and their businesses. Their creations are beautiful and as kind to the earth as they are to the consumer. By all means, check their blogs and websites, and support these simply fantastic earth- friendly businesses! [xrr rating=4/5]