My personal journey to becoming vegan…. It was not an overwhelming overnight experience. It was a 33 year process. I am hoping that my experience will find and inspire you. Not make you feel like you have to change dramatically overnight. However, there will be a few of you that can make a change that dramatic and that quickly and I admire your strength and will power.

I can remember as far back as three years of age. I remember that I did not like meat, partly because I found it hard to chew. My mother worried that I was not consuming enough protein and would buy me meat in baby food form which I found disgusting but at least I could chew it. As I grew I would eat meat but I was not as meat hungry as most people. I could take it or leave it. But I did eat it. But dating was difficult because I did date a couple men that were very meat hungry and did convert me to eating more and more meat.

When I was around the age of 28 I identified that my chronic congestion was because of dairy and became dairy free. Two of my favorite foods were macaroni and cheese and ice cream. I felt so much relief from going dairy free that I did not even miss those foods. I also found that I enjoyed pizza even more without cheese than with. When pizza is ordered sans cheese it is even yummier than when the other toppings are masked with cheese.

When I was around the age of 30 I started having horrible hormonal imbalances to find out that I had PCOS. I immediately read a book on PCOS and how to treat it naturally. One of the first recommendations is to go vegetarian. When eating meat I had always been careful to eat only grass-fed, organic, free range meats and animal products. But because animals have their own naturally occurring hormones consuming it can throw ours off. So I became pescetarian. The animals and animal products in my diet became souly seafood, goat and sheep cheese, and eggs, which was more than the book recommended but I did not want to overwhelm myself.

After this diagnosis I reflected back to my youth, also taking into account that I am blood type A which is the natural vegetarian and how energetically empathetic I am, realizing how negatively eating animals and animal products effected my health. Eventually I was more into the animal rights aspect than the health aspect of how I was eating.

Take into account that when you eat animals and animal products that the abuse these animals endure as well as the farmers, truckers, meat processing plant workers. When you are eating those meats you are consuming all of that negative energy and stress hormones allowing it to throw off your energy and increasing your stress and throwing off your hormones.

When I first went pescetarian, no matter what I ate and how much of it, I could not become full and satisfied. This lasted for a week. Once I crossed that hump I had no desire for meat ever again. Everyone is different and everyone’s detox from meat is different.

Once a more than enjoyable past time, fishing became less and less enjoyable for me and I felt so guilty when I did fish. As time went on I ate less and less seafood and felt that the little goat and sheep cheese I was eating was contributing to mucous in my body. I also wondered how the goats and sheep were treated. I got to the point that if I could not actually go to the farm and see for myself I did not want to eat it. I was also feeling drawn to not eating eggs even though I did go to the farm where the eggs were raised to purchase them. I ran into a friend who is vegan and who I had not seen in around 8 years. I confided in him that I wanted to go vegan and he simply said, “ your vegan” From that day on I have been vegan. My best friend said that I might as well because I was pretty much anyway. This last hump of converting to vegan was the most simple because I had been transitioning to that for five years. Initially becoming vegan is isolating but then you do attract and find your own vegan community. So it is only isolating at the beginning.

Everyone is different and not everyone is meant to be vegan but everyone should be conscious of where their food comes from and that health is our greatest wealth. I hope this article finds and inspires you. Meditate on who you want to be, how you want to eat, and what path and in what time you want to take to achieve it. Know that there will be tests like cravings, hunger, isolation, but once you pass the tests and surpass them you will feel the best you have ever felt. Fortunately there are websites and communities like this one. Please also check out animal abuse videos on YouTube such as animal angels.

With Love,

Robin E Medlin