The guys are back & they brought
the weird loudness with them!

The guys are back & they brought
the weird loudness with them!


Music Just Got Fun Again

After the passing of the notorious Nat, the band floundered about for years… until Larry Love began writing the songs that would jolt Blister back to life.

Video of the  Week: 12.10.2023 – Fauci Says

The Latest

We hope to do better in keeping this up to date… we’ll see.

Time to Get Bent

Well, well, well, here we are… we’ve finally reached the release date for Blister’s new album, Bent. These things never seem to go to plan. Many a snag was hit. I don’t want to get [...]

“you traded the truth to be king and reached for the crown. you stole everything in the world and look at you now”

King of Empty, Dave

“No leave it, just leave it
don’t care, I don’t care anymore”

Jumping Away, Larry Love

“a million faces in the crowd. in an instant she can sort them out. she can read the thoughts inside your mind. she will right all my wrongs in time “

She’s a Wonder , Dave

“You can go and I will stay.
Everyone is so boring”

Having Fun, Larry Love

“a crooked path we walk upon, through thick and thin we carry on. and brave the miles to get back home”

Somewhere Bound , Dave

Live Dates

come experience a sonic explosion of joy that pulverizes boredom from your body and reminds you of how good it can feel to be alive.


C’mon out for some loud rock n roll at nostalgic Panther Lake! We’ve got irreverent tunes by KENNETH HISTER, YEA(h), ANTISJW, TRAILER PARK ORCHESTRA, THUNDERING HERD, MACHINEGUN EARL and GYPSY CARAVAN

Sat May 18th (2pm – 11pm)
8196 Panther Lake Rd. Willow Springs NC

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