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The boys are back and they brought the weird loudness with them. Bent is different in form, feel and function than any previous Blister album. After the passing of the notorious Nat, the band floundered about for years… until Larry Love began to focus on writing the songs that would jump start Blister back to life. Banging out short, fast, edgy tuneage with Larry manning guitar and vocals and Dave slogging away on the drums for the first time in forever… everything felt new and fun again. So, Dave got inspired and started writing songs again too. And here we are with 20 new songs.

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Full Album Download – mp3
1 – 1 20 2021*
2 – Blue Eyed White Boy
3 – Jumping Away
4 – Spoke*
5 – Having Fun
6 – Go with the Flow of It
7 – She’s A Wonder*
8 – Don’t Look Down
9 – Go Away
10 – King of Empty*
11 – Took Me for a Ride
12 – Rage and Ruin*
13 – Handled It the First Time
14 – Blew Me Off**
15 – Who Would Have Known
16 – Inside Out
17 – Somewhere Bound*
18 – Molly’s Gone
19 – Fauci Says*
20 – So Bad


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