Rock With Us

Some bands are just better live. Blister has always been one of those bands. Every show is an attempt to purge the stress and frustration of every day life and connect with family. So, when we get together we play loud and fast, and we jump and scream, and drain all those negative vibes out of our souls and onto the floor… where they belong. Come purge with us!


C’mon out for some loud rock n roll at nostalgic Panther Lake! We’ve got irreverent tunes by KENNETH HISTER, YEA(h), ANTISJW, TRAILER PARK ORCHESTRA, THUNDERING HERD, MACHINEGUN EARL and GYPSY CARAVAN

Sat May 18th (2pm – 11pm)
8196 Panther Lake Rd. Willow Springs NC

“the die is cast, she whispers to him. stand or fall it makes no difference. you’ll weigh them out against my image, and curse the day you had the privilege”

Sacred Cow, Dave
“No leave it, just leave it
don’t care, I don’t care anymore”
Jumping Away, Larry Love

“you traded the truth to be king and reached for the crown. you stole everything in the world and look at you now”

King of Empty, Dave

“You can go and I will stay.
Everyone is so boring”

Having Fun, Larry Love

“a crooked path we walk upon, through thick and thin we carry on. and brave the miles to get back home”

Somewhere Bound, Dave